The Story of Hôtel Mirabeau

1974 marks the year Hôtel Mirabeau was constructed. Norwegian-born Chris Stuckelberger had been managing the property until her daughter Sylvie took over in 2008.
Today, the 3 star property counts 23 rooms and 3 apartments. To Sylvie and her team, there is no place like home, and that’s the exact feeling guests can enjoy from the first step in. How to best describe The Mirabeau? «A hotel just like home, but far from home! » as Sylvie would joyously put it.

ski resort verbier
ski resort verbier

I grew up at Hôtel Mirabeau since my mother started managing it in 1974. At first, she rented it. And from the beginning, she worked here day and night to support us first and finally to manage to buy it ten years later. This hotel was her fifth child, so to speak, and our home for many years. Since I was a child, I always wanted to take over this beautiful family business that my mother managed so well. I was already helping at breakfast, folding the sheets, and I didn’t have the arms long enough to make ends meet. My dearest wish: to continue to welcome our customers in a warm and authentic atmosphere. I do my utmost to ensure that they have an unforgettable stay like my mother did so well before me. Today, when she is at the hotel, she still takes care of our guests! She is the soul of this hotel.

Sylvie Carlucci

Hôtel Mirabeau’s milestones

  • 1974 Construction of the hotel and management by Chris Stuckelberger. Of Norwegian origin, Chris came to Verbier on the advice of her mother-in-law, who already lived in Verbier and worked there as a secretary.
  • 1985 Purchase of the hotel after 10 years of management.
  • 1985 Shooting of the film Sällskapsresan II – Snowroller. A successful Swedish comedy that could be assimilated to its French version “Les Bronzés font du ski”.
  • 2000-2001 Sylvie Carlucci’s attempt to take over the hotel, it’s too early for Chris, she is very attached to her hotel.
  • 2008 2nd attempt to take over the hotel by Sylvie, a great success!
  • 2014 All the rooms are refreshed with this desire to keep the authentic charm and ancient bathrooms.
  • 2014 Big event to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the hotel. Invitation to all former guests for a great weekend!
  • 2015 Renovation of the living room and highlighting of historical objects: an old sledge turned into a table, Sylvie’s grandfather’s piano transformed into a bread table for breakfast, the old telephone cabin. Sandblasting of dated chairs for more modernity.

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